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All about olive varieties

Olives, that small fruit that has conquered palates around the world, are a fundamental pillar in the gastronomy of many countries and its influence extends throughout the five continents. MesFood Trading has a selection of the most exquisite varieties, each one with its characteristic flavor and texture that adapt to the needs of each market and consumer.


A journey through the main olive varieties

Among the different types of olives we highlight:

1.Green olives: freshness and versatility 2.

Green olives enjoy worldwide popularity, harvested at an early point in their growth to preserve that distinctive bitter taste and pleasant crunchy texture. They are exceptional for enhancing the flavor of appetizers, garnishing salads, cooking and more.

At MesFood Trading, we offer you a wide variety of green olives: hojiblanca, manzanilla, hojiblanca, arbequina, gordal, picual, cuquillo, kalamata…In addition to their traditional use in Mediterranean cuisine, green olives are finding their way into innovative cocktail recipes and healthy snacks, demonstrating their flexibility in modern gastronomy. With their vibrant flavor and beneficial nutritional profile, green olives not only delight the palate, but also offer health benefits that health-conscious diners increasingly value.
At MesFood Trading, we continue to explore new ways to incorporate this versatile ingredient into a variety of culinary offerings, always with the commitment to quality that characterizes our products.


2. Black olives: intensity and depth

When left to fully ripen on their branches, black olives acquire an exceptional depth of flavor, rich and complex. These olives are ideal for incorporating into hot dishes, such as stews and pizzas, where their intensity adds a sophisticated dimension to every bite. MesFood Trading offers you a wide variety of black olives: cacereña, hojiblanca, Gaeta, etc.




How are olives integrated into international cuisine?

Olives are a key element in the Mediterranean diet, famous throughout the world for their healthy virtues. Indispensable in the preparation of salads and tapas, olives also play a vital role in the production of olive oil, considered a liquid treasure. This crucial ingredient is at the heart of kitchens in every country in the world.
In addition to their role in gastronomy, olives provide significant health benefits, including healthy fats and antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Their versatility in the kitchen extends beyond traditional dishes, being incorporated into innovative recipes that appeal to modern palates. At MesFood Trading, we value the tradition of olives, ensuring that each variety we offer maintains authenticity and the highest quality standards.


Healthy benefits of olives

Among the various benefits of olives are the following:

1. Nutrition and health

Olives are known for their high content of vitamin E, antioxidants and beneficial fats, essential elements that make them an ideal component of any balanced diet. Incorporating olives into your diet on a regular basis can promote cardiovascular health and help reduce the risks associated with various chronic diseases.
This Mediterranean fruit not only enriches dishes with its unique flavor, but also offers significant health benefits, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to protect against oxidative damage. By consuming olives, you are adopting a healthier lifestyle, taking advantage of a food that has been valued for centuries in cultures noted for their longevity and well-being. At MesFood Trading, we are committed to providing olives of the highest quality, promoting not only culinary pleasure but also the overall well-being of our customers.

2. Olives in sustainable gastronomy

At MesFood Trading, sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our business philosophy. We are dedicated to promoting farming methods that protect the environment while producing olives of unparalleled quality. This commitment not only contributes to the health of our planet, but also ensures that our customers receive quality products at the best price.
By choosing MesFood Trading, our customers not only enjoy the authentic taste and premium quality of our olives, but also support a business approach that seeks to balance culinary excellence with ecological responsibility. We are committed to delivering olives that not only delight the palate, but also promote a greener future.

Visit our website or contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing and receiving more information about the variety and formats of olives we can offer you.

Mesfood trading, the perfect partner to bring high quality products from Spain and other countries to your company and for your customers.

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Discover the importance of quality in vegetable preserves

In a world where healthy eating is becoming a priority, the quality of canned vegetables is established as a fundamental pillar. MesFood Trading is dedicated to ensuring that every can manufactured by its suppliers meets the highest international quality standards. Discover how our processes and commitments to quality not only meet, but exceed global market expectations. Explore our catalogue of products here.


Why is quality in canned vegetables crucial?

Excellence in the quality of canned vegetables is critical for a number of reasons. Not only does it improve the taste and consistency of these foods, but it also has a significant impact on the health of those who consume them. Consuming low-quality canned foods can result in a considerable loss of vital nutrients, which in turn can negatively affect food safety. On the other hand, high-quality canned foods preserve the nutritional properties of vegetables and offer a taste that truly reflects their original freshness.

It is essential to recognize that the nutritional value of vegetables is kept intact by effective preservation methods.

It is essential to recognize that the nutritional value of vegetables is kept intact by effective preservation methods that ensure the retention of vitamins and minerals. This is crucial, especially in contexts where people rely on these preserves as an important source of nutrients. In addition, excellence in production processes ensures that the natural flavors of the vegetables are captured and maintained, making every bite a reflection of the fresh product.

For these reasons, investing in high quality canned vegetables is not only a matter of enjoying better taste, but also an essential health measure.


Selection of raw materials

The quality assurance of MesFood Trading’s canned vegetables starts from the first step: the careful choice of raw materials. We partner with producers both locally and from different parts of the world, select the freshest and highest quality vegetables, which pass our strict controls before being processed for preservation.

This meticulous selection ensures that every canned product we offer not only meets, but exceeds our customers’ expectations in terms of taste, texture and nutritional value. Ongoing collaboration with our suppliers enables us to maintain a strong and ethical supply chain, ensuring that only the best products reach our customers’ tables.


Advanced preservation technologies

At MesFood Trading, selected vegetables are processed using state-of-the-art technologies that optimally preserve their nutrients and authentic flavors. We employ everything from traditional canning methods to innovative quick freezing techniques, each carefully selected to enhance the quality and ensure the safety of every product we offer.

Our pasteurization and sterilization processes are up to the most rigorous international standards. These technologies not only ensure that vegetables maintain their freshness and nutritional properties, but also protect the integrity of the product from the time it leaves our factory until it reaches your home.

By adopting these advanced preservation techniques, MesFood Trading is committed to delivering food that not only meets the taste and quality needs of our customers, but also offers the peace of mind of knowing that they are consuming safe, well-preserved products. The use of these technologies not only responds to a need for production efficiency, but also reflects our commitment to consumer health and wellness. 


Certifications and Regulatory Compliance

At MesFood Trading, we not only adhere to our rigorous internal quality standards, but we also strictly adhere to local and international regulations. We hold multiple certifications that support the high quality and safety of our canned goods. Among them, we highlight the ISO 22000 certification, a global benchmark that ensures effective food safety management.

In addition, our canned products are certified by entities that verify that no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used in their production. These certifications not only reinforce our dedication to providing safe, high-quality products, but also demonstrate our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices.

Maintaining these certifications requires constant vigilance and regular updates to our processes, ensuring that our products meet the latest requirements in terms of quality and safety. This ongoing effort allows us to provide our customers with the confidence that they are choosing products that are not only delicious and nutritious, but also produced under the highest ethical and quality standards. 


The role of logistics in quality

The quality of canned vegetables does not end once the product is canned; storage and transport logistics also play a crucial role. Maintaining the proper cold chain, ensuring optimal conditions during transport and guaranteeing efficient delivery are essential steps that MesFood Trading takes meticulous care of. This enables us to deliver products that not only meet quality expectations, but exceed them.


Commitment to innovation and continuous improvement

At MesFood Trading, quality is a constant quest. We are always looking to innovate and improve our processes, from the harvest to the final consumer. This commitment to excellence has allowed us to establish ourselves as leaders in the canned vegetable market, offering products that are synonymous with trust and satisfaction for our customers around the world.


The best quality in canned vegetables with MesFood Trading

Quality in canned vegetables is much more than a standard; it is a promise of safety, health and satisfaction. At MesFood Trading, that promise is reflected in every product we offer, ensuring that you enjoy the best of nature with the peace of mind that only the highest quality can provide.

Interested in learning more about how our products can enrich your trading offerings? Contact us today and find out how our preserved foods can make a difference in your business.

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Mesfood in Gulfood Show Dubai 2024

We are pleased to announce that Mesfood Trading will be attending Gulfood Show Dubai 2024, the world’s leading food and beverage trade show, which will take place from February 19th. to 23th. at Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates.

Mesfood will be showcasing our wide range of high-quality food products including: canned vegetables, canned fruits, canned pulses, olives, pickles, canned fish, oils, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen french fries, spices,…

We invite you to visit our booth at Gulfood to learn more about our products and services. We look forward to seeing you there !.”

Commitment to Quality and Food Safety at MesFood Trading


MesFood Trading stands out in the international market for its commitment to quality and safety in the export and import of food products. The company offers a wide range of food products, including preserved foods, olives, olive oil and preserved fish, ensuring that each item meets the highest standards.


Food Quality Certificates

Each MesFood Trading product, from preserved vegetables to organic olives, has quality certificates such as BRC, IFS, ISO, HACCP, Kosher and Halal. These certifications underscore the company’s commitment to excellence and the trust of its wholesale and distributor customers.


Quality in Preserves and Oils

MesFood Trading’s range of preserves, which includes everything from artichoke hearts to peaches in syrup, as well as its selection of olive oils, reflects the company’s commitment with quality food. MesFood Trading ensures that every glass jar and oil bottle meets the highest quality and food safety standards.


MesFood Trading’s focus on quality and food safety in the export and import of food products positions the company as a leader in the supply of quality food globally. Its range of products, from preserved foods to olives and oils, reflects its commitment to excellence in the food trade.

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The Simplified Export and Import Process with MesFood Trading

MesFood Trading has revolutionized food trading by simplifying the process of exporting and importing food products. As a leading Spanish food distribution company, MesFood Trading specializes in the export of high quality food products, including canned vegetables and fruits, olives and pickles, spices, canned legumes, canned fish, olive oil and frozen.


Facilitating International Food Trade

Acting as a third-party export and import department, MesFood Trading assists wholesalers and distributors throughout the process, from product selection to final delivery. This includes the export and import of a wide range of foods, such as canned legumes, preserved fruit and extra virgin olive oil.


Comprehensive Service for Wholesalers and Distributors

MesFood Trading offers its clients the consolidation of different food products at the same loading point, thus optimizing logistics, and reducing clients’ transportation and storage costs. This efficiency in food export and import guarantees the delivery of high-quality food products to international markets.


MesFood Trading’s focus on simplifying the process of exporting and importing food products has established the company as a reliable and efficient partner for wholesalers and distributors in the global food market.

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Wide Range of Food Products: Exploring the Diversity of MesFood Trading

MesFood Trading has established itself as a benchmark in the export and import of food products, offering an impressive variety of high quality foods. From its base in Spain, the company serves a global clientele, providing a diverse range of products that reflect the richness of Spanish cuisine and other cultures.


A Variety of Preserved Foods

MesFood Trading’s range of preserved foods is particularly notable. From canned artichokes and mushrooms to roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts, the company offers a selection to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences. These products are ideal for wholesalers and distributors who seek to offer quality foods with a long shelf life to their customers.


Olives: A Taste of Spain

Olives are an essential element of the Mediterranean diet and MesFood Trading offers a wide selection, including Manzanilla, Hojiblanca olives and other varieties. These products are not only delicious but they are also versatile, perfect to be used in a variety of dishes and appetizers.


Olive Oil: The Essence of Quality

Olive oil is another pillar of MesFood Trading’s offer. The company provides extra virgin olive oil, olive oil virgin and other types, ensuring that each bottle represents the best of olive production. This product is essential for any distributor looking to offer the best in healthy, quality food.


Canned Fish and Seafood

MesFood Trading’s selection of canned fish and seafood includes anchovies, mackerel, sardines and mussels, among others. These products are popular around the world for their taste and convenience, and MesFood Trading ensures that each can meets the highest quality and taste standards.


Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

For those interested in vegetables and fruits, MesFood Trading offers a wide range of frozen products, such as artichokes, peas, greens, mixed and a variety of fruits. These products are ideal for those in the food industry who require high quality ingredients that maintain their flavor and nutrients.

Quality and Safety Certifications

All MesFood Trading products are backed by quality and food safety certifications such as BRC, IFS, ISO, HACCP, Kosher and Halal. These certifications are proof of the company’s commitment to delivering safe, high-quality food.


MesFood Trading represents the best of international food trade, offering a wide range of high quality products that meet the needs of a diverse global market. With its focus on customization, quality and customer satisfaction, MesFood Trading has established itself as a key supplier in the food sector.

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Thanks for visiting our stand at ANUGA COLOGNE Trade show

We would like to thank you for visiting our booth at ANUTA Food Trade Show (Cologne 7th- 11 th). As always, it has been a real pleasure to be able to meet up again with our existing customers and suppliers from all over the world.
Furthermore, this trade fair is always interesting because it allows us to learn about last trends and new products in the global food sector, as well as to get in touch with new potential customers and supplier. 

See you in next ANUGA COLOGNE Food Show in 2025.

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Canned oven-roasted peppers

Canned pepper is a way of preserving oven-roasted peppers. In its preparation, only the “meat” of the product is processed, eliminating the rest of the parts of the pepper itself.
The pepper preserve can be made in cans or glass jars throughout the year, since in Spain we have 3 different harvests throughout the year.
Mesfood Trading offers you roasted or natural canned red and yellow peppers, whole and in strips, both in cans and glass jars, top quality and at very competitive prices.
Regarding the range of formats, we handle all of them, both for retail and for food service.

Please request more information by email: export@mesfoodtrading.com or by phone: +34 620 790 000

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Thanks for visiting our stand at SIAL PARIS Trade show

We would like to thank you for visiting our booth at SIAL Food Trade Show (Paris 15th- 19 th). As always, it has been a real pleasure to be able to meet up again with our existing customers and suppliers from all over the world, even more after these four years without being able to do it due to imposed COVID 19 restrictions.
Furthermore, this trade fair is always interesting because it allows us to learn about last trends and new products in the global food sector, as well as to get in touch with new potential customers and supplier. 

See you in next SIAL París Food Show in 2024.

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Mesfood Trading at SIAL food show Paris

Mesfood Trading cordially invites to visit us at SIAL FOOD SHOW PARIS in our booth 2N173 from October 15 to 19. You will find there all our good quality products at the most competitive prices.
Besides, we offer you the possibility of making mix containers by consolidating many different products in the same consolidating point.
Look forward to receiving your visit.