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The Simplified Export and Import Process with MesFood Trading

MesFood Trading has revolutionized food trading by simplifying the process of exporting and importing food products. As a leading Spanish food distribution company, MesFood Trading specializes in the export of high quality food products, including canned vegetables and fruits, olives and pickles, spices, canned legumes, canned fish, olive oil and frozen.


Facilitating International Food Trade

Acting as a third-party export and import department, MesFood Trading assists wholesalers and distributors throughout the process, from product selection to final delivery. This includes the export and import of a wide range of foods, such as canned legumes, preserved fruit and extra virgin olive oil.


Comprehensive Service for Wholesalers and Distributors

MesFood Trading offers its clients the consolidation of different food products at the same loading point, thus optimizing logistics, and reducing clients’ transportation and storage costs. This efficiency in food export and import guarantees the delivery of high-quality food products to international markets.


MesFood Trading’s focus on simplifying the process of exporting and importing food products has established the company as a reliable and efficient partner for wholesalers and distributors in the global food market.