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Commitment to Quality and Food Safety at MesFood Trading


MesFood Trading stands out in the international market for its commitment to quality and safety in the export and import of food products. The company offers a wide range of food products, including preserved foods, olives, olive oil and preserved fish, ensuring that each item meets the highest standards.


Food Quality Certificates

Each MesFood Trading product, from preserved vegetables to organic olives, has quality certificates such as BRC, IFS, ISO, HACCP, Kosher and Halal. These certifications underscore the company’s commitment to excellence and the trust of its wholesale and distributor customers.


Quality in Preserves and Oils

MesFood Trading’s range of preserves, which includes everything from artichoke hearts to peaches in syrup, as well as its selection of olive oils, reflects the company’s commitment with quality food. MesFood Trading ensures that every glass jar and oil bottle meets the highest quality and food safety standards.


MesFood Trading’s focus on quality and food safety in the export and import of food products positions the company as a leader in the supply of quality food globally. Its range of products, from preserved foods to olives and oils, reflects its commitment to excellence in the food trade.