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Wide Range of Food Products: Exploring the Diversity of MesFood Trading

MesFood Trading has established itself as a benchmark in the export and import of food products, offering an impressive variety of high quality foods. From its base in Spain, the company serves a global clientele, providing a diverse range of products that reflect the richness of Spanish cuisine and other cultures.


A Variety of Preserved Foods

MesFood Trading’s range of preserved foods is particularly notable. From canned artichokes and mushrooms to roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts, the company offers a selection to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences. These products are ideal for wholesalers and distributors who seek to offer quality foods with a long shelf life to their customers.


Olives: A Taste of Spain

Olives are an essential element of the Mediterranean diet and MesFood Trading offers a wide selection, including Manzanilla, Hojiblanca olives and other varieties. These products are not only delicious but they are also versatile, perfect to be used in a variety of dishes and appetizers.


Olive Oil: The Essence of Quality

Olive oil is another pillar of MesFood Trading’s offer. The company provides extra virgin olive oil, olive oil virgin and other types, ensuring that each bottle represents the best of olive production. This product is essential for any distributor looking to offer the best in healthy, quality food.


Canned Fish and Seafood

MesFood Trading’s selection of canned fish and seafood includes anchovies, mackerel, sardines and mussels, among others. These products are popular around the world for their taste and convenience, and MesFood Trading ensures that each can meets the highest quality and taste standards.


Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

For those interested in vegetables and fruits, MesFood Trading offers a wide range of frozen products, such as artichokes, peas, greens, mixed and a variety of fruits. These products are ideal for those in the food industry who require high quality ingredients that maintain their flavor and nutrients.

Quality and Safety Certifications

All MesFood Trading products are backed by quality and food safety certifications such as BRC, IFS, ISO, HACCP, Kosher and Halal. These certifications are proof of the company’s commitment to delivering safe, high-quality food.


MesFood Trading represents the best of international food trade, offering a wide range of high quality products that meet the needs of a diverse global market. With its focus on customization, quality and customer satisfaction, MesFood Trading has established itself as a key supplier in the food sector.